Voice recognition software comparison and recommendations

LevelEleven Current Call Center Challenges As market competition heightens and product offerings proliferate and converge, businesses in almost every industry are being pressured to leverage customer service as a positive differentiator. A lot of this differentiation happens in the call center — accomplished by teams of well-trained agents using sensible workflows, effective software, and a reliable communications infrastructure.

Voice recognition software comparison and recommendations

Given the sufficient system resources, none of these software programs should present a problem for the existing system. Capacity to manage a customizable, specialized medical vocabulary.

Voice recognition software comparison and recommendations

Medicine in general, and each medical specialty in particular, have their own complex, specialized vocabularies. Dragon Systems NaturallySpeaking offers a so-called Medical Suite targeted to medical professionals and specified as an alternative to transcription.

Marketing materials state that an extensive vocabulary of thousands of words, including medical procedures, terms, drugs, diagnoses and symptoms, are included. The software allows creation of multiple vocabularies for specialty customization if desired [8]. No other specialty customization is available [13].

Two of the four companies offer a product that provides medical terminology. IBM's emergency room and radiology add-on software is not applicable to the dictation needs of obstetric and gynecologic practices, for example.

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Dragon Systems' NaturallySpeaking Medical Suite offers the same voice recognition technology as the previously mentioned NaturallySpeaking Preferred Edition, with the addition of extensive customizable medical terminology that can be tailored to other specialty practices.

Integration with Microsoft Word. All four programs integrate with Word97 and can therefore be used with existing word processing software.

Ease and speed of installation, customization and use. Each of the four programs uses "wizards" to install and configure hardware, and all programs support macros for frequently used phrases.

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Dragon Systems' NaturallySpeaking uses its wizard to train the system to recognize the user's voice within 4 minutes. Material is provided so that about 30 minutes of reading aloud will improve accuracy [5].

Electronic medical documents can be analyzed automatically to "learn" new specialized terms and proper names.

Voice recognition software comparison and recommendations

Its CommandWizard feature enables any user to create medical-specialty macros. Commonly used and required medical forms, electronically stored, can be readily called up and the user is prompted to fill out each section of a form [8].

IBM's ViaVoice also trains the system by means of reading from selected texts for about 30 minutes, and its wizard adjusts microphone and speaker volume levels [5]. Philips FreeSpeech98 directs the user to read selected text for about 15 minutes; ten training topics are available for the user's review [15].

Installation of all of the programs appears straightforward, and the initial basic "training" is not excessively time-consuming for any of the products. While all provide macros, the medical customization features of Dragon Systems' product are considerably greater.

Though they will initially require more time and document input, accuracy is increased, and for this reason, Dragon's software is recommended in this comparison.

Industry ratings and awards. Only one of these products refers to and lists awards on its web site, and that is Dragon Systems' NaturallySpeaking. None of the other three products has any such mention anywhere on its site, nor do any awards or industry recognition show up on multiple web searches for the products.

Dragon Systems' web site lists over fifty awards, some of which are listed here: PC Magazine, Editors' Choice, October ; this particular article is referenced several times in this report [1, 7].

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Input Device Category - August [7]. While industry recognition and journalistic evaluations are not the only considerations, Dragon Systems boasts an impressive list of awards and ratings by prestigious periodicals.

As previously noted, a microphone is necessary for capture of spoken words. None of these is a make-or-break detail, but Dragon Systems has a slight edge with the reviews provided by PC Magazine.

Highly significant price differences exist among these programs.Audience note: The audience is a national professional association of medical office administrators.

Each has a basic working knowledge of PCs, but little or no familiarity with the technology behind voice recognition software, with its limitations, or with the various products on the market.]. Find and compare Speech Recognition software.

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Reviewing 1 of the best speech recognition software applications. GetApp lets you compare the list of tools and vendors that provide speech recognition software solutions.

Price comparison sites: why disabled or older people struggle to go compare conducted tests on five price comparison technologies such as screen readers and voice recognition software.

Another system uses voice recognition software and an extensive library of video clips depicting American Sign Language to translate a signer’s words into text or computer-generated speech in real time.

It is also able to translate spoken words back into sign language or text.

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