Veterans day slideshow powerpoint

The purpose of Veterans day is a celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. The date that veterans day is observed is November 11, Federal Holiday or state holiday Veterans day is a Federal Holiday 4 What it means to me Veterans day means that it is a day where we celebrate the people who went to war for us. I have a Cousin whos name is Carina and she used to go to war in Iraq. We celebrate this day for everyone that went to war.

Veterans day slideshow powerpoint

Mfor Linux and Unix computers has also been developed. Although initially separate releases, publicly available VistA distributions are now often bundled with the GT. M database in an integrated veterans day slideshow powerpoint.

This has considerably eased installation. The free, open source nature of GT.

veterans day slideshow powerpoint

M allows redundant and cost-effective failsafe database implementations, increasing reliability for complex installations of VistA. Database projections[ edit ] An open source project called EsiObjects has also allowed the ANSI- Standard MUMPS language and database technology to evolve into a modern object-oriented language and persistent-object store that can be integrated into mainstream, state-of-the-art technologies.

Both of these have allowed development of the MUMPS database environment by programmers using modern object-oriented tools. NET, or Java, in order to create a web-based interface.

Patient Web Portal[ edit ] MyHealtheVet is a web portal that allows veterans to access and update their personal health record, refill prescriptions, and schedule appointments.

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This also allows veterans to port their health records to institutions outside the VA health system or keep a personal copy of their health records, a Personal Health Record PHR. VistA Imaging[ edit ] The Veterans Administration has also developed VistA Imaginga coordinated system for communicating with PACS radiology imaging systems and for integrating others types of image-based information, such as EKGs, pathology slides, and scanned documents, into the VistA electronic medical records system.

This type of integration of information into a medical record is critical to efficient utilization. Deployments and uses[ edit ] Role in development of a national healthcare network[ edit ] The VistA electronic healthcare record has been widely credited for reforming the VA healthcare system, improving safety and efficiency substantially.

The results have spurred a national impetus to adopt electronic medical records similar to VistA nationwide. VistA Web collectively describes a set of protocols that in was being developed and used by the VHA to transfer data from VistA between hospitals and clinics within the pilot project.

This is the first effort to view a single patient record so that VistA becomes truly interoperable among the more than sites running VistA today. Bidirectional real time exchange of computable pharmacy, allergy, demographic and laboratory data occurred in phase 1.

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Phase 2 involved additional drug—drug interaction and allergy checking. VistA has been interfaced with commercial off-the-shelf products.

M in a Linux operating systemand that was suitable for use in private settings. In addition, VistA has been adopted within similar provider environments worldwide. A non-profit organization, WorldVistAhas also been established to extend and collaboratively improve the VistA electronic health record and health information system for use outside of its original setting.

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Robert Kolodner National Health Information Technology Coordinator [36] and George Timson an architect of VistA who has been involved with it since the early years date VistA's actual architecture genesis, then, to VA Administrator Robert P. This implementation emphasized the integration of outpatient clinics into the system, and many of its elements were soon re-incorporated into the VA system through a system of technology sharing.

Meanwhile, in the early s, major hospitals in Finland [39] were the first institutions outside of the United States to adopt and adapt the VistA system to their language and institutional processes, creating a suite of applications called MUSTI and Multilab. Since then, institutions in Germany, Egypt, [19] Nigeria, [32] and other nations abroad have adopted and adapted this system for their use, as well.

These two dialects are therefore the most closely related.Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day. It was originally meant to honor World War I veterans. Armistice Day. officially received its name in America in through a Congressional resolution and became a national holiday 12 years later.

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Download Veterans Day Vacation Editable.. Read More/Hide This template will fit presentations on Veterans Day,Veterans Day powerpoint template,ppt template on Veterans Day,captain, etc. The Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VISTA) is the nationwide veterans clinical and business information system of the U.S.

Department of Veterans Affairs. VISTA consists of applications for clinical, financial, and administrative functions all integrated within a single database, providing single, authoritative source of data for all veteran-related care and services.

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