The struggle for dominance in athletes

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The struggle for dominance in athletes

Given the outpouring of emotion and support as he completed his improbable comeback from golf oblivion, it was undeniably the most popular of his 80 PGA Tour wins. And coming five years and four back surgeries after his 79th, it was certainly the most unlikely. As fans swarmed the 18th fairway at East Lake to be near Tiger as he completed his two-shot win, it became crystal clear just what Woods means to the sport.

That memorable scene vaulted Tiger from the realm of icy, detached superstar to People's Champion, something more akin to Arnold Palmer than Jack Nicklaus, the player to whom he's been so often compared.

Woods' win also solidifed his grip on the top spot in our ranking of the 20 Greatest Golfers in history. It's an illustrious list, one that runs the gamut from charismatic swashbucklers Seve, Phil, Arnold to methodical technicians Vijay, Sir Nick to transcendent figures Tiger, Jack, Arnold.

Speaking of Palmer, the King remained the world's most important golfer until his death, and his legacy will live on as long as there's televised golf.

In fact, were it not for Palmer, you wouldn't be reading this list, and golf would still be struggling to gain a foothold on the American sports landscape.

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The King has his rightful place high on this list, and most of the others who join him here owe him a debt of gratitude for the mammoth purses and endorsement opportunities that followed in his wake.

In golf, it's doubly so, given the game's equipment advances and changing conditions of golf courses over the years. In compiling this ranking, I used two primary criteria: Who won important golf tournaments, and who transcended the game while doing so? You'll notice that many of today's superstars — Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson — are missing, but as their achievements accumulate, they'll no doubt force their way into future rankings.

In fact, one current superstar finds himself a new addition to the top With 23 wins as a professional, including four majors, Rory McIlroy has become impossible to ignore when listing the game's all-time greats.

Here, then, are the 20 men who have had the greatest careers and most lasting impact on the game of golf. Greg Norman The star-crossed Norman is better remembered for his spectacular failures than his successes, but we can't overlook his 20 career PGA Tour wins and his weeks spent as the world's No.

A little better luck and a little more clutch play and he would have seven or eight major wins instead of two and British Opens. Yet there is a nagging suspicion that the best may still be yet to come for the Northern Irishman, who has yet to return to the giddy heights he scaled inwhen he won two majors.

The struggle for dominance in athletes

He's undoubtedly the player on this list with the most upward mobility. Vijay Singh His career might be tainted on the front end by cheating allegations and on the back end by association with performance-enhancing drugs, but it's hard to deny Vijay a spot in the golf pantheon.

Open, where he denied Palmer a coveted win. Ernie Els With four majors — two U. Opens and two British Opens — the Big Easy is a legitimate challenger for the title of second-best player of the Tiger Woods era. His smooth, easy swing is the envy of hackers from here to Johannesburg and has led him to 19 PGA Tour victories.JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

The athletes, former athletes and coaches had gathered at Temple University to tell war stories. But the conversation wasn’t about diving catches or buzzer beaters, heated rivalries or fearsome.

The struggle for dominance in athletes

We live the struggle vicariously as fans, but we all have the triumph expression inside us. And as the universe places its many limits on human accomplishment, the fight for dominance lets us. Latin Loser. Alex Rodriguez is one of the most infamous athletes in U.S.

history. As recently as 5 years ago this guy was on top of the world. Rodriguez was the highest paid baseball player ever making $ million per season, he was well on his way to breaking the most hallowed record in sports (the career homerun record), and he played for baseball’s most successful franchise, the New.

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