The cheating culture essays papers summary

Conservative moralists have focused on sexual conduct, drugs, crime, and divorce and have largely ignored lying, cheating, and stealing.

The cheating culture essays papers summary

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Most would see them as paradigms of winners in our contemporary society, the people who dominate their respective worlds—athletics, medicine, and academics. But do people expect a plot twist?

Turns out your family doctor has been nonchalantly prescribing untested drugs to his patients, in hopes of pocketing some extra income.

Turns out the valedictorian cheated through half his classes and paid his doctor to give him a diagnosis for extra time on the SAT Reasoning Test. They say cheaters never prosper, but peel away the layers of artificial perfection and the truth becomes crystal clear: In his acclaimed non-fiction work, The Cheating Culture: Canonized books must employ impressive standards, as they set the bar by which other literary works are to be judged; however, thorough research and eloquent writing styles are merely the tip of the iceberg.

A unique approach that harnesses the ability to catalyze change in society serves as the final verdict for canon inclusion. The elite canon represents the best of the best, so works included must stand out even among already well-written works. David Callahan, with his impressive credentials and his Ph.

Therefore, his work The Cheating Culture merits canonization as it acknowledges the complexity of a social issue through an unorthodox approach.

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Canonized works are those considered exemplary, the quintessential embodiments of excellence in the literary community. Therefore, an author of a canon-worthy nonfiction book should naturally possess a reliable ethos. While other genres such as fiction provide entertainment and leisure, the non-fiction realm entails expertise and insight.

How then, can authors expect to stand on elevated platforms of knowledge and have readers accept their didactic preaching, unless they possess sufficient credentials and proof of expertise to do so? Readers will only be receptive to a figure of authority and respect, someone who they believe they can learn from.

Likewise, works will only be considered for canonization when society believes an author possesses copious knowledge and credentials. David Callahan, with a Ph. D in politics from Princeton University, indubitably meets the criteria for trustworthiness due to his relevant educational and life experiences which fortify his ethos.

The fact that elite institutions value his opinion and expertise convinces readers that they too should heed his words.

The Cheating Culture | Essay Example

These institutions would not jeopardize their reputations by allowing an unqualified person to represent them, as they have a wide scope of viewers and critics.

Furthermore, Callahan went beyond just writing about controversial issues; he took action himself by founding Demos: The fact that Callahan does not simply write about improving social issues but actually takes action leads readers to believe that he is authentic and genuinely concerned about the well-being of society.

In doing so Callahan demonstrates that he is following his own advice, and encourages readers to do the same.

Because the organization is open to ideas from all social classes, people can trust that its opinions are not biased.

The cheating culture essays papers summary

Thus, readers should trust David Callahan; his expertise, education, and experiences on multiple mediums of social issues allow him to craft literature that the general public can rely on. A work worthy of canonization will address commonplace but prevalent social issues with a unique approach and style that ultimately elevates it to a higher standard than those of the typical works in the nonfiction realm Dolin.

Why do most students naturally shy away from the dreaded genre of nonfiction? What is it that engrosses readers so that they thirst for more, when the same subject matter presented by a different author would have readers returning the book to the shelf after the first few pages?

An unconventional style or approach serves as the final push for an already exceptional work to join the exclusive ranks of the canonized.

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Consider the subject of history. Many students view history as an obscure subject that holds no interest, as they feel they have no reason to be concerned with the civilizations of such archaic eras. To rouse an interest in a somewhat dull topic in students, good teachers must essay innovative and possibly even outlandish methods of teaching.

My own history teacher exemplifies such a teaching method; he never instructs us to take notes out of a textbook or read for the whole period; instead, he crafts humorous games and witty stories to help us develop an appreciation for the content.

Despite its literary prowess, The Cheating Culture falls short in its somewhat ambiguous suggestions to fix the ailing society. When proposing his solutions, Callahan states that no matter what changes we try to make, inequality will always exist because people will always look upward at someone who has more economic success than they do.

Because of this we have to pursue equality in political, legal, and social matters. Anyone with minute common sense would suggest that society be made fairer to temper the cheating culture.He suggests a number of ways to mend the social contract and reverse this trend.

I will argue that one of the solutions is more important than the others. I believe a society in which citizens are less insecure about the well being of their basic needs will help reduce cheating and corruption.

The Cheating Culture Essay Sample Record-breaking athletes, esteemed doctors, impressive valedictorians – where’s the connection?

Most would see them as paradigms of winners in our contemporary society, the people who dominate their respective worlds–athletics, medicine, and academics. Free Cheating papers, essays, and research papers. The Problem Of Cheating By Colleen Wenke - There are now new electronics like a watch or a calculator that a first glance, seem harmless to an adult unknowing of current advancements but in truth, can become the ultimate tools for an academically dishonest student.

Consequences of Nationalism. Free Essay Sample Research Papers, words. Describe the consequences of nationalism The affection, responsibility and an inclination to sacrifice for the country is defined as nationalism.

Also, in most cases, popular culture such as fashion has overshadowed traditional religious worship, and Quindlen’s idea is a perfect illustration of the power of pop culture over religion.

The cheating culture essays papers summary

Quindlen also states, “But the more pernicious problem, an addiction to consumption so out of control that it . Cheating in School essays There are many forms of cheating used today in school.

Some examples know today include copying a fellow student's homework, copying answers off someone's test, writing test questions down for another student. One of the wildest and most bizarre forms of cheatin.

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