Small dairy business plan in pakistan

Common species[ edit ] Although any mammal can produce milk, commercial dairy farms are typically one-species enterprises. In developed countries, dairy farms typically consist of high producing dairy cows. Other species used in commercial dairy farming include goatssheepand camels.

Small dairy business plan in pakistan

Unfazed by the multitude of flies hovering around the stainless steel milk buckets, he carefully transfers their contents to an aluminium container and, securing it firmly on his motorbike, heads off to the nearest shop that purchases 14 litres of milk from him every day.

For many years, the forty-year-old farmer had accepted that each of his cows would produce no more than three to four litres of milk a day, hardly enough to put food on the table and clothes on his back. Until he heard of Jassar Farms, that is.

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Located in a village by the same name just two kilometres away, as Ali learnt from his neighbour, cows on Jassar farm produce three times the quantity of milk as the cattle in Aliabad. He then used local cows as surrogates and once the first generation was born, started crossbreeding them with his own herd.

Most farmers own just three or four cows. If farmers could embrace scientific practices, he said, the country could produce an extra 16 billion litres of milk per year. Utilising a network of 6, technicians, the enterprise distributes 75, doses per month from Punjab to Sindh, at a bargain price of to rupees 1.

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Keeping it local Dr. But he fears lax market regulations could compromise the health of local breeds. Irfan Elahi, secretary of the Punjab Livestock Department, echoed his words. Talking to IPS over the phone from Lahore, Elahi said a bill has recently been tabled in the Punjab provincial assembly, aimed at regulating semen production units across the province.

There is already a ban on artificial insemination of Sahiwal cattle with exotic semen — these beasts can only be inseminated with better quality semen from the same breed, he added. The Punjab government has also been actively engaged in livestock research and in began testing the progeny of Sahiwal cows and the local Nili-Ravi buffalo.

In addition, the Punjab provincial government has set up artificial insemination centres to provide services to smallholders.

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The Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Board is training inseminators and provides them motorbikes and insemination kits free of cost to provide services in the field, where the Livestock Department has limited reach. Still, many farmers are reluctant to embrace the change.

In developed countries, 90 to 92 percent of animals are impregnated through artificial insemination, but the rate in Pakistan is as low as seven to eight percent, according to Iqbal.Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) Premier institution of the Government of Pakistan under the Federal Ministry of Industries and Production, SMEDA was established in October to take on the challenge of developing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan.

With a futuristic approach and professional management. Here in this post, we have compiled 10 best small business ideas in Punjab with a small capital investment. Punjab’s fertile and productive soil has accorded it the status of ‘Granary of India’ and the ‘Breadbasket of India’.

small dairy business plan in pakistan

Opportunity. Pakistanis a land where every business has a potential to succeed. Agriculture is the largest sector of Pakistan having a percentage of more than 20% of GDP and accounts for more than 40 % of the total labor force.

Company registration remains the most favoured form of business organisation in Pakistan. Incorporation of a company helps boost business for medium as well as large-scale business . A small farm business plan will not only identify your target market, but it will also look at how you might grow your business down the road, what price to set your eggs at, what costs contribute to producing the eggs, and what profit you can hope to generate.

Pakistan being the 5 th largest milk producing country means have one of the largest cattle herd in the world and with emerging Dairy Farmers the biogas plants can fulfil their energy needs with the animal waste that they produce.

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