Secrecy essay

Recommended resources Did you know? He worked with U. He began his speech with the words of the American Declaration of Independence: The Creator has given us certain inviolable Rights:

Secrecy essay

July 10, She also raised uncomfortable questions about gender discrimination, safety of women, and sports journalism itself. We need to speak of things seldom spoken about. It takes guts to come forward as Waris did; her cry should not go in vain.

Someone who had been Secrecy essay a tour with him more than a decade ago said she had received such advice. So it is an old story. Most male journalists I spoke to were unaware of this side of him. This is not surprising.

It is difficult to know what type of a person your colleague is when the lights are out, so to speak. Perhaps that explains the guilt some of us feel. We should have known. Creeps exist in every profession.

Often, it is not so much a character flaw as temperament. Something about Secrecy essay person puts us off but we tell ourselves to be understanding of differences.

But at some point, the creep becomes a monster. It happens when he gains power and is in a position to affect the careers of others. Sometimes with power comes irresponsibility. There cannot be a relationship between a boss and a junior, or a professor and his student because of the skewed power equation.

Silence is often seen as the better career option by women, especially the young and inexperienced. In a letter to Waris, senior journalist Manuja Veerappa admitted she too had been harassed. Sometimes by the fear of jeopardizing my own career and on other occasions of ruining careers and lives of the culprits….

Sports journalism is a male-dominated profession but media boxes around the country have their share of talented and dedicated journalists who happen to be women. As more gifted women came into the profession — Sharda Ugra, Kadambari Murali, Prajwal Hegde, Manuja Veerappa, Neeru Bhatia, Karunya Keshav and a host of television specialists — some of the initial patriarchal attitude dissipated, to be replaced by genuine respect.

Still, many have stories of uncomfortable moments with their male colleagues. They need institutional support. A Sports Journalists Association for Women is a first step. With organizational backing, many problems can be handled better.

Such a body can also be a check against the rants of a woman scorned and identify false charges.

Secrecy essay

This is the danger of social media where false accusations abound, and careers can be destroyed. The Association can also counsel against sending intimate pictures to strangers — which was one way the person in question operated, encouraging young women to send such pictures to a fake email address.

Common sense, you might have thought, but apparently not. Secrecy and a code of silence are allies of predators. Somewhere somebody always knows.November 27, Pay Secrecy Debate Dr. Davison Compensation decisions are a significant part of running a company. When deciding how to align compensation with the organization, it is important to consider all options and determine the best fit for the overall organizational strategy.4/4(1).

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