Rechenkas eggs writing activity for 3rd

Why not a month-long curriculum theme? It'll be tons of fun!

Rechenkas eggs writing activity for 3rd

Patricia Polacco can help. Students use the Semantic Impressions and Possible Sentences strategies to write about the books.

rechenkas eggs writing activity for 3rd

Then, after a read-aloud and comparison of the texts, they complete a character study using the vocabulary words and an online tool to create character trading cards. Finally, students apply the words they have learned to write about the author as part of a WebQuest. Students will use this interactive tool to become an expert on Patricia Polacco and the vocabulary from her books.

rechenkas eggs writing activity for 3rd

Interactive, time-efficient strategies to teach meaning vocabulary. The Semantic Impressions strategy offers a fun and interactive way to introduce new words; it enhances comprehension and builds vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

This strategy introduces words and asks students to write their own story using them before they read a published story. Vocabulary acquisition from listening to stories. Vocabulary knowledge gains can double for students when read-alouds are accompanied by teacher explanations of words. Bringing words to life:Rechenka's Eggs School Theme.

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These cupcakes are addicting, in fact, I am munching on one as I write this post. Build a Bunny Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco is a great game to practice comprehension/ retell of one of the best children's books. Setting it up: The first page is the directions and title page.

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I glued it to the front of the file folder. The page that has 10 squares is the game board referred to, I glued that in the middle of the file folder.

Rechenka's Eggs has 1, ratings and 90 reviews. Ronyell said: When I was reading Patricia Polacco’s books, I was interested in knowing more about how /5. Have fun with words that begin with the "ex" letter combination, which (when eggs-agerated) sounds like "eggs" in words such as eggs-cited, eggs-traordinary, and eggs-asperated.

Provide students with large, egg-shaped sheets of white paper. Rechenka's Eggs: Book Companion The month of Marc and April has such fabulous books (especially spring books), and I'm happy to offer a book companion for this Easter read aloud, Rechenka's Eggs!

In this you will find! {1}4/5(14). Supplement a reading of Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco with these activities that teach about Ukranian culture, crafts, and architecture. Rechenka's Eggs Extension Activities.

Grades. PreK–K, 1–2. Quick links to lesson materials: Rechenka's Eggs Activity Sheet.

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