Porters diamond for indian retail market

India and the Indians have arrived on the global scenario and is offering a competitive advantage over its peers. Let us analyze India through these 6 dimensions: India now views its population of 1.

Porters diamond for indian retail market

There are three different type of players in the upstream sector of the upstream sector, these are: Top oil and gas companies by revenue ranking Statistic. Retrieved February 19,from http: It is known, that the best indicator to observe the size of a company is its market capitalization.

Based on the below graph the biggest private fully integrated oil and gas companies for were: Top oil and gas companies based on market value statistic. Based on the below graph the biggest private Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies for are: Observe the graph for the names Platts Top Rankings.

Some of these major companies are: This strategy will give them a competitive advantage over new oil and gas companies which now enter the industry. Also, to mention that this whole strategy of the big IOCs can force the new competitors to spend more money The big IOCs or as we call it Integrated Oil and Gas Companies which can easy compete with new competitors due to economics of scale Oil and Gas prices volatility Oil and Gas Reserves are usually located in war zones or geographical areas with geopolitical conflicts or political instability National and international law restrictions which can affect the new entrance of a company in the oil and gas business Threats of Substitutes in Oil and Gas Industry The main alternatives sources to oil and gas for producing energy which used for electricity, transportation, heating, etc.

Nuclear Energy Hydrogen Biofuels and other renewables sources such as solar and wind energy These alternative sources of energy can replace a high amount of hydrocarbons use in the global energy mix according to their performance, quality and price of course.

The bargaining power of buyers in oil and gas industry is relatively small due to the nature of this industry. Buyers are interested in the price and the quality of a product.

Porters diamond for indian retail market

It is known, that global oil benchmarks determine the oil price, the main oil benchmarks are: Retrieved February 22,from http: Higher bargaining power have the buyers only which consume enormous amounts of oil and gas such as EU, China, USA, Japan, and India in comparison with other countries.

Finally to mention that the only bargaining power of buyers in the oil industry is only what quality of the oil they will buy. Benchmarks play an important role in pricing crude oil — Today in Energy — U. Retrieved February 23,from http: Also, until the consumers can use an alternative energy source instead of oil, the bargaining power of the buyers will be significant low.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers in Oil and Gas Industry Some big suppliers in the oil and gas industry are fully integrated oil and gas industry International and National Oil Companies which are active in the whole value chain of oil and gas sector.

Retrieved February 24,from http: The ability of those companies to affect oil prices and the industry is high due to their business involvement on all of the business segments of oil and gas industry, so their bargaining power is significantly greater than the buyers.

Another great player in the side of the suppliers are the oil rich countries as they call them oil producing countries or else OPEC has a significant bargaining power. Although these oil reserves have one of the lowest cost producing price between the oil industry in contrast with oil producing from oil sands and deep-water oil fields which are expensive regarding costs of production 8 reasons why the politics of oil have changed World Economic Forum.

On the other hand, some countries like Iran, Venezuela, and Mexico luck in any new oil and technologies due to the control of their oil sector from their oil stated companies.

Porter's Five Forces Analysis - China Porter's Five Forces evaluates the competitiveness and attractiveness of a given industry in a certain market. China is an interesting market to analyze for any industry, especially the automobile industry. Indian Jewellery Industry - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Retail Investors or Chickens; The rivalry in the industry can be gauged from the fact that the top player in the country has only 6% market share, and the top five players together have about 18% market share. Thus, the concentration ratio for this industry is very low. In the Indian .

So this situation can drive countries such as Mexico to become importers of oil due to the fall in oil production because in the case of Mexico the oil and gas sector of this country was close to the international oil companies until In the case of the Venezuela, the national oil company was used as a political tool from the political elite of the country from and beyond, specifically was used to fund large, rich social project.

This situation has driven the economy of Venezuela and of course the government budget to increase its dependence on oil revenues.Indian Jewellery Industry - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

Aug 11,  · The figures below indicate that Tesco holds over a third of the market share, and even double the amount of Asda 's market share, the second leading supermarket. Market share is the percentage or proportion of the total available market or market segment that is being serviced by a company ' (Wikipedia ).


Overview of Porter ‘s theoretical position The theory of Porter is a survey which works as a tradition that is related [ ]. Threat of substitute products * -Low consumer loyalty as he is price sensitive * -Faster delivery time in brick and mortar model * *Deals and discounts generally not available * *Tech savvy and lazy customers ; *Responsibility of seller Is more for substitutes 2.

Figure: Michael Porter’s National Diamond iridis-photo-restoration.com 59 | Page Advantage India: A Study of Competitive Position of Organized Retail Industry 3. Demand condition- The nature of home demand for the industry’s product or service.

Dec 03,  · “The Indian Software Industry in ” describes India as a country that fits into Porter’s diamond model. The first point on the diamond represents the factor conditions, which are the important factors such as skilled labor and a specific technological base.

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