I too sing america 1

Aired June 21,2 hours Acts that advanced to the second round include: Bobby Badfingers, a "professional finger snappist" from San Francisco, California. He danced to classic s rock, as well. He moved different parts of his body to honk the horns, making humorous music.

I too sing america 1

Then, the judges deliberate over the act and decide if it gets through to the live semi-finals. Acts are divided into four groups of either 14 or 15, and only 10 of those acts in the group perform.

At the end of the performance, the judges give the act a check for approval, and an X if they did not like the act. At the end of the episode, the judges would pick an act and automatically move them through to the live finale.

Then, the viewers at home would vote another act through to the finale. The act with the most votes from the viewers would move on to the finals and that act would be announced in a live results show the next day.

There was also a fifth wild card episode, where the judges picked ten acts who were previously eliminated and give them one more chance to perform. Auditions Aired June 21,2 hours Acts that advanced to the second round include: Bobby Badfingers, a "professional finger snappist" from San Francisco, California.

He danced to classic s rock, as well.

I too sing america 1

He moved different parts of his body to honk the horns, making humorous music. At Last, a hip-hop a cappella quartet. Kenny Shelton, a juggler from Alpine, Californiawho was given three Xs for dropping his props, and pleaded for another chance.

He survived the first round by successfully juggling three swords on top of a Rola Bola for one minute. Morgan did not like the act, but Brandy and Hasselhoff voted him through, with Brandy saying she could use him as a backup dancer for her next music video.

Morgan buzzed the performance because he thought it was not funny. His buzz was later withdrawn. Vladimir Malachikhin, a hand balancing acrobat. Team Acrodunka group of acrobats from Houston, Texaswho shot basketballs while doing somersaults, backflips, and other tricks on a trampoline.

Morgan did not feel they were right for the competition, though he did agree that they could be the next Harlem Globetrotters. Brandy and Hasselhoff gave their total praise for them though. Ivan Pecel, a juggler. He did some technical juggling, which did not impress Hasselhoff or Morgan, though Brandy supported him.

Morgan reluctantly voted yes on the condition that Ivan step up his performance in the semifinals. Nathan Burton, a magician who performed the Bowl-A-Rama magic trick, making a bowling ball appear from a drawing in a large sketchpad.

Then, he did a disappearing act involving the "Microwave of Death".

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Morgan voted "no," but was passed through to the next round. Vladik Miagkostoupov, a juggler. All three critics agreed that he was the only good juggler that performed on that day. Michael Speaksa gospel music singer.

The judges unanimously sent him through for his great energy and his pop-gospel vibe. Johns and His Best Friends, a dog trainer who did some acrobatic and fast-paced dog tricks. Eighteen additional acts from Los Angeles that also made it to the second round were briefly shown at the end of the show, since there were too many performers to fit into a two-hour episode.

Acts that were eliminated include: Blue Velvet, a singing trio, was voted out as soon as they sang their name. They mentioned that they were missing out on their music.

Shadow Dancers, a troupe of performers who used costumed actors and a donkey to tell some sort of allegorical tale. Neither the judges nor the audience could understand it.

The judges refused to vote; the audience was allowed to vote in their place. Eddie Haskell, who played a saw as a musical instrument.February 1, marks the th birthday of Langston Hughes.

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The novel received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and was named by The New York Times as one of the 10 Best Books of The first season of America's Got Talent premiered on June 21, and concluded on August 17, The audition tour took place in April , stopping at Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

Regis Philbin was the host for this season. David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Piers Morgan were the judges. This season's winner was Bianca Ryan.

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