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Description Cyclohexene compounds for liquid crystal mixtures The invention relates to 1, 4-substituted cyclohexene derivatives and 2- Fluorocyclohexen derivatives and their use as component s in liquid-crystalline media. Moreover, the present invention relates to Crystal and electro-optical display elements which contain the inventive liquid-crystalline media.

The compounds of the invention have a Difluormethylenoxy- group in a particular arrangement. In recent years, applications for liquid crystal compounds in various types of display devices, electro-optical devices, electronic Hffffh fhffhh, sensors, etc.

The nematic liquid crystal mixtures have to date found the broadest application in flat display devices. The compounds of the invention, liquid crystal can be used as component s of liquid-crystalline media, in particular for displays based on the principle of the twisted cell, the guest-host effect, the effect of deformation of aligned phases DAP or ECB electrically controlled birefringenceIPS effect based in-plane switching or the effect of dynamic scattering.

The use of certain derivatives having a difluoromethyleneoxy bridge -CF 2 O- as liquid-crystalline substances is known in the art. However, in the compounds of the double bond of the cyclohexene ring is directly connected to the difluoromethylene CF Hffffh fhffhh O group.

In the document EP A1 a substance is disclosed having Hffffh fhffhh cyclohexene ring and a CF 2 O group as a synthetic intermediate, which is not purified or characterized.

The compound has a terminal ethyl ester group for further chemical reaction. In addition, various compounds having a difluoromethyleneoxy bridge and without a cyclohexene ring as a liquid crystalline material and its preparation have already been described, such.

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The present invention had the object of finding novel stable liquid-crystalline or mesogenic compounds which act as Component s of liquid-crystalline media are also suitable. In particular, the compounds should simultaneously have relatively low viscosity and a dielectric anisotropy in the positive range.

The invention was thus as an object of finding novel, stable, liquid-crystalline or mesogenic compounds which as component s of liquid-crystalline media, in particular for z. In addition, compounds of the invention under the vorherrrschenden in the application areas and conditions should be thermally and photochemically stable.

Furthermore, the invention should Compounds as possible have a broad nematic phase. As mesogens, they should allow a wide nematic phase in blends with liquid crystalline co-components, as well as excellently with nematic base mixtures, in particular at low temperatures, be immiscible.

Also preferred are substances with a niederigen melting point and a low heat of fusion, as these variables are again indicative of the above desirable properties such.

As a high solubility and a broad liquid crystalline phase etc. Surprisingly, it was found that cyclohexene derivatives of the invention are eminently suitable as components of liquid-crystalline media. The compounds of the invention are sufficiently stable and colorless. They have a particularly broad nematic phase range.


In comparison with fabrics of the prior art significantly lower melting points and enthalpies of fusion observed.

With the provision of cyclohexene derivatives of the invention is generally the range of liquid crystalline substances which are suitable for the production of liquid-crystalline mixtures with different application points considerably broadens.

The cyclohexene derivatives of the invention have a broad range of applications. Depending on the choice of substituents, these compounds can serve as base materials from which liquid crystal media are composed for the most part.

A 1, A 2, A 3 and A 4 are each independently of one another, identical or different: The invention furthermore relates to the use of the compounds of the formula I in liquid-crystalline media.

Likewise provided by the present invention are liquid crystalline media with at least two liquid-crystalline components, which comprise at least a cyclohexene derivative of the formula I. The compounds of formula I have a broad range of applications.

The compounds of formula I are colorless in the pure state and form by themselves or in mixtures of liquid crystalline mesophases in a favorably located for electro-optical use temperature range. With the compounds is broad nematic phase ranges can be achieved.

In liquid-crystalline mixtures substances of the invention suppress smectic phases and result in a significant improvement in the low-temperature storage stability. For the case that Z 2 is a single bond, A is 2 is preferably an unsaturated or aromatic ring from the groups b or c according to the definition of formula I.

Hffffh fhffhh

In this case, it is the double bond of the cyclohexene with the adjacent unsaturated ring A 2 in conjugation. A 1, A 2, A 3 and A 4 are preferably and further.The invention relates to liquid-crystalline compounds of formula I in which R1, R2, A1, A2, A3, A4, Z1, Z2, Z3, V, a, b and c have the definitions stated in claim 1, and also to liquid-crystalline media comprising at least one compound of the formula I, and to electrooptical displays comprising such a .

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