Different biomes of the world essay

Different Biomes Different Biomes Our family always looks forward every vacation time because of so many places we visited and how we learned a lot from it. As we traveled along we learned of different biomes in the world. The world contains different kinds of Biomes.

Different biomes of the world essay

Biomes - Marine and Tropical Rainforest By: The ones I am most fascinated by are the tropical rainforest biome and the marine biome. Each is interesting in its own way. I have decided to narrow the marine biome down and focus on the Pacific Ocean. I am interested to see how these two compare and contrast.

Although it may seem that our climate does not affect the marine biome, it does.

During El Nino, the trade winds slacken and sometimes even change direction. This change in our climate affects the southern pacific ocean greatly.

A big pocket of hot water moves from the eastern coast of Australia to the western coast of South America. This is just one example of how our climate affects this biome. The marine biome affects our climate as well.

So much water is evaporated from this biome. This means that the earth will experience enough rain for crops to grow.

Different biomes of the world essay

It also provides wind to help circulate the air around us and it affects temperatures around the coast. The temperature of the open water depends on the temperature of the area around it, but the average temperature is around 70 to 80 degrees F.

The tropical rainforest is very important to the earth. They help maintain global weather habits and the rain. The weather is normally lush and warm all year and the temperature rarely changes from day to night. The average temperature ranges from 70 to 85 degrees F. The average amount of rainfall each year is cm and it is usually extremely humid.

These two biomes are very similar in climate. Each is wet and gets rainfall. Also, both climates are able to support life and great amounts of growth. The only difference is one is underwater and the temperature will vary more than the tropical rainforest.

According to the book Oceans Hutchinson, this ocean has the greatest average depth of 13, feet and also has the deepest point in the ocean, which is 36, feet.

Like every ocean, it has a photic zone and an aphotic zone. The photic zone is the area of an ocean that is shallow enough for sunlight to penetrate through the water. The aphotic zone is the darkest, deepest area of the ocean. This is how marine biologists separate this marine biome.

Normally, the photic zone water is warmer and the aphotic zone is colder. There are two reasons for this.


One is because the sunlight is able to go through the water in the photic zone, heating the water. The other reason is because cold water sinks and hot or warm water rises.

Like all oceans, it is able to support many plants and sea creatures. From coral reefs, to the deep caves, all of the animals have a habitat.

The tropical rainforest has so many types of animals and plants.


Its habitat is very interesting too.Some of the major biomes of the world are as follows: 1. Desert Biome 2. Grassland Biome 3. Rain Forest Biome 4.

Deciduous Forest Biome 5.

6 Major Biomes of the World – Discussed!

Taiga Biome 6. Biomes 29/11/ AD Taiga or Boreal forest The Taiga is an area of coniferous forest that is the largest land Biome as it makes up 29% of the forest cover of the world. It constitutes most of inland Canada, Alaska and northern US states, most of Sweden, Finland and Norway, lowland and coastal areas of Iceland, Russia: from St.

Petersburg to. Read this Science Essay and over 88, other research documents. Biomes - Marine and Tropical Rainforest.

Different biomes of the world essay

Biomes- Marine and Tropical Rainforest The world is full of many different biomes. The ones I am most fascinated by /5(1).

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We have three different types of biomes, temperate, tropical, and polar. Between the types, we have nine different biomes, tropical rain forest (tropical), tropical savanna (tropical), tropical deserts (tropical), temperate forests (temperate), temperate grasslands (temperate), Chaparrals (temperate), temperate deserts (temperate), tundra (polar) and taiga (polar).

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others sought escape. The Importance of Biomes Essay - The importance of Biomes Biomes are the living spaces of life. They describe communities located across different regions across the world, looking at the interactions between climatic factors, living organisms, and substrates found in the environment.

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