Descriptive essay of tsunami in japan

Early life Thoreau was born in in ConcordMassachusetts, the third child of a feckless small businessman named John Thoreau and his bustling wife, Cynthia Dunbar Thoreau. Though his family moved the following year, they returned in Even when he grew ambivalent about the village after reaching adulthood, he never grew ambivalent about its lovely setting of woodlands, streams, and meadows. In his parents sent him to Concord Academy, where he impressed his teachers and so was permitted to prepare for college.

Descriptive essay of tsunami in japan

Early life and influences

Today, I was convinced I was going to die. I was happily sunbathing on the ferry, working on my tan when about half-way through the journey I felt a large bump.

Several of them as the boat swayed slightly from side to side. Being the paranoid, anxiety-filled individual that I am, my head was immediately filled with irrational fears — What was that? Did we just hit something? What if it made a hole in the boat? Are we going to sink? Maybe we hit a shark?

Descriptive essay of tsunami in japan

Are there sharks out here?! Little did I know, for the first time in my life, the reality was far worse than my paranoia.

Unaware that anything had happened, we arrived at Phuket where a very nervous taxi driver was waiting for us. Earthquake 30 minutes before you arrive. All I could think about was getting to the airport and getting out of Phuket before the aftershocks started to hit.

Arriving at the airport, I noticed an unusual amount of people crowding around outside. Our driver asked the security guard if the airport was still open. Phuket airport has bag scanners located at the entrance to the building and I had just taken off my backpack to get it scanned when suddenly, Chaos.

The air filled with gasps and screams and as I raised my eyes in confusion I saw every single person in the airport simultaneously stampeding towards me wearing the same look of terror on their faces. I instantly reached for Dave. What do we do? I stopped talking, dropped everything and launched myself towards the exit, running faster than I ever have before.

I tripped, I stumbled, I almost fell to the ground on several occasions but nothing could stop me getting out of there. With the pain in my side increasing until it felt like I was being ripped in half, I barely even noticed the growing ache in my chest, the trembling of my legs and the pins and needles in my face.

Friendship with Emerson

After reaching what felt like a much safer distance I immediately tried to find out what was happening. I stood motionless for a minute, unable to move, unable to think, unable to process what was happening. As I came to my senses, all I knew was that I had to find Dave.

I turned around and started running back towards the airport. I fought my way through the hoards of frantic people — Everybody was either running, screaming or crying.

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