Apple marketing research paper

October 28, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 Apple Inc is American corporation, which focuses on the production of personal computers, tablet computers, music players, smart phones, computer software, etc. Apple is a pioneer in the branch of information technologies, personal computers, computer technologies and operation systems and can be called the most successful corporation in this sphere. Due to the quality, innovations, technologies and beautiful design Apple managed to become a prestigious brand, which can be compared with a cult, because it dictates the lifestyle to its consumers. No wonder, Apple is the most expensive brand in the world and its annual profit is enormously high, as the production is sold all over the world.

Apple marketing research paper

I hope Apple marketing research paper helps. Some Dogma There is a lot of confusion around touch technologies, and despite a history of over 25 years, until relatively recentlyfew had heard of multi-touch technology, much less used it.

So, given how much impach it is having today, how is it that multi-touch took so long to take hold? It took 30 years between when the mouse was invented by Engelbart and English in to when it became ubiquitous, on the release of Windows Yes, a mouse was shipped commercially as early as with a German computer from Telefunken, and more visibly on the Xerox Star and PERQ workstations in Yet, none of this made a huge dent in terms of the overal number deployed.

It took 30 years to hit the tipping point. By that measure, multi-touch technologies, multi-touch got traction 5 years faster than the mouse! One of my primary axioms is: Everything is best for something and worst for something else.

The trick is knowing what is what, for what, when, for whom, where, and most importantly, why. The mouse is great for many things. The challenge with new input is to find devices that work together, simultaneously with the mouse such as in the other handor things that are strong where the mouse is weak, thereby complementing it.

As with the mouse and multi-touch, a whole new ecosystem was required before their full potential could begin to be exploited. Arguably, input techniques and technologies have played second-fiddle relative to displays, in terms of investment and attention.

What I can do is warn you about a few traps that seem to cloud a lot of thinking and discussion around this stuff.

The approach that I will take is to draw some distinctions that I see as meaningful and relevant. These are largely in the form of contrasts: Touch-tablets vs Touch screens: In some ways these are two extremes of a continuum. If, for example, you have paper graphics on your tablet, is that a display albeit more-or-less static or not?

There are similarities, but there are real differences between touch-sensitive display surfaces, vs touch pads or tablets. It is a difference of directness.

The nature, or "language" of touch input is highly shaped by the type of actions that are used in interacting with the touch technology.

Apple marketing research paper

The same touch technology on the same device can assume a very different character, depending on whether the interface depends on discrete vs continuous actions. For example, the most common way of working with touch screens is with direct finger selection of items.

For example, one might be asked to "push" the graphical OK button to conclude a transaction on an ATM, or "tap" on the keys of a graphical keyboard in order to enter text in this latter case, multi-touch supports the ability to hold the SHIFT key down while simultaneously tapping one or more alphabetic keys, in order to get upper case.

In contrast, one can also design the interaction such that control is asserted by means of continuous actions, or gestures, such as the lateral stroke gesture that is commonly used in photo-viewing applications to enable the user to go to the next, or previous, image in a sequence, depending on the direction of the stroke.

An example of a multi-touch continuous gesture is the common "pinch" gesture that enables one to zoom in or out of an image or map, for example. The discrete actions are typically accompanied by graphical cues, or feedback feedforward, actuallythat make them self-revealing.

Some contiuous actions share this property, such as dragging the handle of a graphical linear potentiometer to change the speaker volume for a video, but many do not - such as the example of flicking through photos or pinching to zoom into a map.

In these cases, the user needs to somehow know what can be done, how to do it, and when it can be done. The point is this: How accuratley the user has to position a touch at a particular location for a particular action has a significant effect on the nature of the interaction.

On the other hand, some actions, such as the lateral flick frequently used to go to the next or previous image in a photo viewer is far less demanding on where it occurs. With full-screen viewing, for example, it can be initiated pretty much anywhere on the screen.

How demanding touch-screen interaction is in this regard has a significant impact on not only overall user experience, but also its suitability for certain applications.

In general, the more precise one must be in terms of where the touch occurs, the more visually demanding the task is.Resources/White Papers; How Apple conducts Market Research and keeps iOS source code locked down submitted a declaration to the Court explaining why documents relating to Apple's market.

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- Marketing Research Tools Before the launch of Appleā€™s new LED HD Television the company will decide what tools are most efficient for its marketing research process. Apple will compare and contrast the chosen methods and .

Apple marketing research paper

The Innovative Success that is Apple, Inc. Katherine Johnson [email protected] Yang Li [email protected] Dissertations and The company believes continual investment in research and development and marketing and advertising is critical to the development and sale of.

research, including consumer focus groups, will add to the findings of this paper. Furthermore, research conducted by other departments involved in the project will provide complementary findings. The final project report will incorporate all of Processed Apple Product Marketing Analysis: Hard Cider & .

Apple marketing mix research paper