A study of laos

Sunday, April 01, AprilEnergy and mines growth boost Laos Nation or XinhuaNet THE LAO government says the country will earn increased revenues from the energy and mines sector this year on the back of continued growth. Laos has 53 hydropower plants with installed capacity of 7, megawatts MW that are able to generate 37, million kilowatt hours kWh of electricity a year.

A study of laos

When the United States withdrew the last of our fighting forces from Vietnam on March 28,Americans that were then prisoners from secret operations in Laos during the Vietnam War were abandoned to the Lao Patriotic Front LPFthe political group of whom the Pathet Lao were the fighting forces.

This was the result, not the intent, of withdrawing U. The Laotians have made proving that Americans are in captivity there difficult at best and seemingly impossible under international law. The communists are masters at keeping and hiding American POWs.

A study of laos

They have it down to a science. At the suspicion that a location was known or would become known because of an escape or for any other reason, American A study of laos would be moved.

Prisoners were held in the most secure areas where they were under heavy guard by troops. They were usually held in caves that also served military functions where they could be hidden, controlled and protected from recovery.

No one captured by the Pathet Lao during the war was ever released.

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Duane Martin, a helicopter pilot. Martin was reported by Dengler as possibly killed while evading after the escape. President Nixon in was under great pressure from the U. Congress had passed the Cooper-Church Amendment that cut off all funding for further military action, which prevented enforcement of the Paris Peace Agreement.

Due to the public's demand to end the war, delayed release of the known POWs was not a risk that the administration decision makers were likely to take.

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No one informed the Congress or the American people that there were captives that had not been released from Southeast Asia and turned its back on the POWs in Laos. As the years passed fromthe fate of these individuals seemingly became less and less important.

Under the Geneva Agreement, both the U. Presidential authority authorized the ambassador to manage and conduct military operations that included U.

A study of laos

On February 1, U. These were the only POWs from Laos to be released. There was "a firm and unequivocal understanding that all American prisoners in Laos will be released within 60 days of the signing of the Vietnam agreement. The agreement stated that 60 days after the coalition government was formed all POWs would be released.

This was the fall-back agreement the U. POWs held in Laos released. This was in addition to the Paris Peace Accords. The Pathet Lao were under the direct military supervision of their communist North Vietnamese cadres, even more so than the South Vietnamese and the Royal Laotian Government were under the influence of the United States.

During the peace negotiations, Henry Kissinger had insisted that the Vietnamese be responsible for all prisoners in Southeast Asia. This had been one of the points Le Duc Tho, the North Vietnamese negotiator, would not agree to, claiming that Laos was a sovereign nation and would be responsible for their own prisoners.

Record tracking of U. Declassified CIA documents from show that there were up to 60 or more U. Reports were updated as new intelligence was obtained. These two reports incorporated the CIA intelligence products, and were backed up with the original source reports.

This was at a time when the military was still losing aircraft and pilots and others, both civilian and military, were being lost on the ground.

Many POW camps had been observed for long periods of time, some for years. On March 11,the communists attacked a U.UNSW is Australia’s global university, a cutting-edge research & teaching powerhouse.

We’re trusted industry, government and community partners! Study for Success! Laos is officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic, although the government is actually a one-party socialist republic. It is not really democratic because there is only one legal.

Etymology. The English word Laos was coined by the French, who united the three Lao kingdoms in French Indochina in and named the country as the plural of the dominant and most common ethnic group, which are the Lao people.. In the Lao language, the country's name is "Muang Lao" (ເມືອງລາວ) or "Pathet Lao" (ປະເທດລາວ), both literally mean "Lao Country".

The primary objectives of the Summer Study Abroad in Laos program are: 1).

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To provide an opportunity for participants to learn Lao in-country and increase their language competency, thus building a strong foundation for further academic development and research in Lao Studies;.

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