A point of view on educational philosophy

Philosophy — Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

A point of view on educational philosophy

A point of view on educational philosophy

All children can learn and be successful. All the rest of my philosophy of education grows out of this simple and powerful statement. The future of our society is based upon our ability to change and grow. The skills and knowledge required in the future must enable citizens to take change in stride.

In order to thrive in this atmosphere, every high school graduate will need to achieve these goals: Each student must also know how to use and understand technology, work efficiently in group situations, and be a responsible and involved citizen.

In order for the high school graduate to be prepared, we must teach these skills and knowledge at all levels of education, especially Middle School. The unifying factor among these goals is the personal growth of the student. This growth is the essence of our challenge in school, for without growth there can be no learning.

Because appropriate learning takes place through many different experiences, activities must be designed to lead the student from practical issues to theoretical principles.

Appropriate learning also occurs as the student freely engages in making choices, while weighing personal responsibilities and the possible consequences of her actions.

It is my role as educator to present principles, values, and reasons to the student, and to encourage him to examine the choices and decide whether or not to accept them.

I recognize the diversity of learning styles among my students, and I believe in providing a variety of strategies to make learning accessible to all students. It is important that I find ways to utilize the differences in a democratic atmosphere that fosters cooperation rather than competition.

Group work will play a large role in my classroom, for it allows both a hands on investigation of the content and an opportunity to build social skills. Group work also allows for individual strengths to be highlighted within the safety of the group.

Students in my class will practice the skills of critical reading and writing in activities that demand an exploration of ideas and hypotheses after careful research and planning. Students will also have the opportunity to express their ideas in ways other than writing; posters, stories, three dimensional art, and role-playing are some of the alternative activities available in my class.

My goal as an educator is to help my students grow academically, morally, and socially. In short, I do all that I can to ensure that all students learn and are successful.Philosophy of education can refer either to the application of philosophy to the problem of education, examining definitions, goals and chains of meaning used in education by teachers, administrators or policymakers.

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A point of view on educational philosophy

To challenge your own point of view. Also, you need to be a citizen in this world. You need to know your responsibilities.

You’re going to have many moral choices every day of your life. An educational philosophy is a personal statement of a teacher's guiding principles about "big picture" education-related issues, such as how student learning and potential are most effectively maximized, as well as the role of educators in the classroom, school, community, and society Each teacher.

In philosophy, a point of view is a specified or stated manner of consideration, an attitude how one sees or thinks of something, as in "from my personal point of view". This figurative usage of the expression as attested since ; [3] in this meaning, the usage is synonymous with one of the meanings of the term perspective.

S:\SUPTOFFICE\SUPERINT\Prater\Point of View - Educational Philosphy docx it is far more reasonable to expect a student to apply this knowledge and to make new meaning from this knowledge. On Teaching, Educational Philosophy, What is a good education. To begin, it is useful to briefly summarise my upbringing as this further explains my interest in education. I believe I learnt more in 14 months of traveling through Europe in a van when I was ten years old, than in any other year at school. Developing a Biblical Philosophy of Education Many Christians have been educated through government schools or by teachers who were educated in government schools. As a result, many may need to rethink their ideas about education and the traditional models of education.
A point of view on educational philosophy