A description of powerlifting as something that will help you look and feel better

Here's what you need to know No exercise is more divisive than the kipping pull-up and its "butterfly" cousin. A kipping pull-up is to the strict pull-up what the push press is to the strict overhead press.

A description of powerlifting as something that will help you look and feel better

Last summer I was not happy that I did not get to keep up with my usual regimen of working out, so I wanted to find something that would work with my schedule.

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I work 4 days on and 3 off back up here in Salt Lake. I could, and did occasionally get up at and go to the gym and work out but I was not very consistent at that. The routine has been the same for years with the same sets and reps.

Last winter I got into a push up routine and worked my way up to where I could do 70 push ups several times a day. In the winter I am a substitute teacher and would do push ups during the time between class periods.

I also wanted to try something different. I am 61 years old which means I am old school as far as lifting weights. I am a retired Navy Officer with 25 years of active duty.

For the last 18 years I was the command fitness coordinator in all the commands I was in.

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I also outfitted several ships and submarines with exercise equipment and was the morale, welfare, and recreation officer at a major Navy base in charge of the gym and all the rec facilities.

I had a new weight room facility built and selected all the equipment for it. Mostly though, I run.

A description of powerlifting as something that will help you look and feel better

I have been a runner for 39 years. My weight lifting has usually been in the winter times when, even though I run in the snow a lot, I do not run as much as in the other 3 seasons. As long as it is above 25 deg I run.

A description of powerlifting as something that will help you look and feel better

And for that matter, as long as it is below deg in Moab, I run when I have the chance. Twenty years or so ago I used to do competitive 10k runs.

Back then it was pretty much 5 and 10k runs on a local level. I got tired of those and just continued to run on my own. Fifteen years ago, shortly after retiring from the Navy and settling here in Salt Lake, I got into trail running up in the mountains. I run days a week.

My usual run is 60 to 90 minutes with at least once a week a longer one from hours, depending on the trail I take. In the mountains I start out at around 7, feet and go up to 10, feet, run along the crest for a few hours and then down to my car.

In Moab it is in the desert at about 4, foot elevation. I know my pace and can time the run to finish within minutes of when I say I will be done.The Look Good Feel Better Foundation is a (c) (3) organization Select Photos by Chester Simpson This website is made possible .

P icture yourself with the elegant lines and eye-catching flexibility of a Himalayan Yogi.

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Watch yourself move with the fluidity and grace of a great iridis-photo-restoration.com your strength as you power into and hold the most challenging of bodyweight exercise iridis-photo-restoration.com yourself ripple with the muscular, toned, symmetrical physique that signals the perfect marriage of form and function.

You might feel pretty awful for about four days as you go through withdrawal (headaches are common), but then you should start sleeping better and feeling more chipper.

That's blasphemy to a lot of powerlifters, who will call you a pussy for even suggesting something other than the Big 3, but if you're not competing there are no mandatory exercises. The key then becomes to find a few compound movements that feel good to you – meaning you feel them working the areas you're looking to work and they don't .

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